R 2,000

per night


Welcome to the most luxurious, modern, secure and homely apartment in Jo’burg. We’ve purpose built the place with you in mind: universal plug-sockets, smart locks (open the front door with your phone), top of the range appliances, smart lights and a ridiculous tub. If you’re looking for a unique boutique in an exciting neighbourhood – you’ve found it!

And if the pictures don’t convince you, please do read the reviews of the good folk that have been gracious enough to stay with us.


The apartment is large – 185 sqm of open plan luxury, with a 12 meter long wooden balcony giving you great sun soaked north-facing views of the city (north facing is a good thing in the Southern Hemisphere!).

A gigantic copper tub sits on a raised platform in the main bathroom, surrounded by retractable sliding glass windows, allowing you to peer out over the city scape whilst relaxing in Victorian comfort.

The kitchen is fully equipped with more than just the basics, and boasts a 5 meter long kitchen island, lending itself to fabulous entertaining, whilst surrounded by the city scape.

We’ve also fitted universal plug sockets (& USB plug points by the bed) throughout the apartment so you don’t need to worry about adaptors at all.


You’ll have free rein of the whole place – 185sqm that is the entire 2nd floor of the building, plus a 12 metre long balcony of sun facing city views.


No stairs or steps to enter
There are no curbs, steps, or stairs to get to the entrance, and the path through the entryway is flat. If it’s a multi-story building, both the front door and unit entrance have no curbs, steps, or stairs.Well-lit path to entrance. The sidewalk or pathway to the guest entrance has lighting that makes nighttime navigation easier.

No stairs or steps to enter. There are no stairs or steps to get into the common area, and there’s a flat path through the entryway.

Wide entryway. The entryway to the common area is at least 32 inches wide.

No stairs or steps to enter. There are no stairs or steps to get into the bathroom, and there’s a flat path through the entryway. Accessible-height toilet
The top of the toilet seat is between 17-19 inches from the floor.

house rules