R 3,500

per night


An island in the sky. Surrounded by triple volume high glass panels, this penthouse offers an unparalleled panoramic views of Johannesburg north facing skyline. Step into your very own James Bond movie with a sultry open plan living area surrounded by city views and a spiral staircase to a king size bed overlooking the night lights of the city.

With breathtaking city views coupled with edgy design and clever use of natural elements, the apartment reflects true urban living that is sophisticated yet comfortable.

DESIGN inspiration

Classic clean lines combined by raw elements and a focus on wood are offset by the crisp contours of contemporary elements.

A modern and minimalistic approach to loft living.


No stairs or steps to enter
There are no curbs, steps, or stairs to get to the entrance, and the path through the entryway is flat. If it’s a multi-story building, both the front door and unit entrance have no curbs, steps, or stairs.Well-lit path to entrance. The sidewalk or pathway to the guest entrance has lighting that makes nighttime navigation easier.

No stairs or steps to enter. There are no stairs or steps to get into the common area, and there’s a flat path through the entryway.

Wide entryway. The entryway to the common area is at least 32 inches wide.

No stairs or steps to enter. There are no stairs or steps to get into the bathroom, and there’s a flat path through the entryway. Accessible-height toilet
The top of the toilet seat is between 17-19 inches from the floor.

house rules

Additional rules

Hosting, Events & Parties

Hosting & Events
The hosting fee for hosting parties and events is charged separately as a surcharge fee as an additional rate on top of the standard rate.

For event and hosting purposes, the surcharge rates are as follows:
– More than 4+ adults; an additional R1500
– More than 8+ adults; an additional R1800
– More than 10+ adults; an additional R2200
– More than 15+ adults; double the 10+ fee
All of these additional surcharge fees can be settled upon arrival, cash, or card.

In the event of a party, we advise that guests take proper and good care of the facilities. Ensures visitors do not leave the ground floor door open and unattended. Share the code with no one, and always be the one that assists your visitors with entering and exiting the building. . In the event that the host damages the facilities or furniture, a fee respective to that damage will be charged for non-compliance with house rules. To fully lock the door, simply LIFT the door handle UP after it shuts, and the door will make three beeping sounds, thereafter notifying you whether it is properly locked or not.